HMEC 46-1 NoiseGard™-Headset, open Airbus XLR Cable w Battery [500854+506279] - 254.200Ft :, amire egy pilótának és repülőgépnek szüksége lehet

HMEC 46-1 NoiseGard™-Headset, open Airbus XLR Cable w Battery

  • Tipus: 500854+506279
  • Súly: 1kg
  • RAKTÁRON(db): 1



These aviation headsets combine the latest audio technology with superb wearing comfort. The NoiseGard™ active noise compensation reduces cockpit noise by approx. 15 dB - so you don't need to have the radio as loud. The HMEC 46 headsets incorporate peak level protection which safeguards your ears from volume peaks in the headphones above 110 dB. The new headsets are available with all common plug configurations and as battery or aircraft powered variants
incl Cable, -BV-CP-2 XLR-5, battery & panel power, volume control,  minus 6dB to plus 6 dB SPL cable!
Noise reduction of approx. 15 dB - consequently the radio volume can be decreased
Extremely lightweight
Superb comfort due to the patented two-piece automatic headband and soft ear pads
"Flip-away" headphone allows single-sided listening
Flexible microphone boom, can be worn on either left or right-hand side
Noise-compensating condenser microphone ensures excellent speech transmission
Volume peaks in the headphones above 110 dB are eliminated
Single-sided cable, easy to replace
Also available with volume control
ETSO/TSO approval C57a/C58a
TSO approval C139
5 years warranty
What's in the box?
HMEC 46 headset
Carrying bag for headset
MZW 46 wind and pop screen
Cable clip
User manual
EASA Form 1



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