ProFlight Series 2 Headset Flex High XLR5-Airbus Straight WITH B [789812-5070] :, amire egy pilótának és repülőgépnek szüksége lehet

ProFlight Series 2 Headset Flex High XLR5-Airbus Straight WITH B

  • Tipus: 789812-5070
  • Súly: 1.5kg
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  • Gyártó: Bose



The new ProFlight Series 2 builds upon the advanced technology of the original and is the most lightweight, compact and comfortable aviation headset Bose has ever produced. ProFlight Series 2 is engineered and refined for the way professional pilots fly and now offers numerous updates and enhancements based on pilot input. ProFlight Series 2 features a new lighter, thinner more flexible cable providing increased freedom of movement and improved tap control for talk-through communication. Like the original, the ProFlight Series 2 is FAA TSO and E/TSO-C139a certified.

How is the ProFlight Series 2 different from the previous model?

We’ve made several improvements based on customer feedback. The most significant improvement is a thinner, lighter cable with much greater flexibility that provides improved comfort and stability, and reduces on-head weight by 0.4 ounces (11 grams). Tap control for talk-through communication has been improved. The microphone boom now includes winglets to assist in correct mic alignment and adjustment. Finally, the carry case has been improved to aid in faster stowage and transportation with the addition of a hanging loop and carabiner, and a more open internal design.


  • New 4.5 ounce (128 gram) on-head weight. Foenhanced comfort during extended use.
  • Thin, flexible cable. Allows improved freedoof movement and easy storage.
  • Digital active noise cancellation. Reduces ambiennoise, allowing users to lower radio volume.
  • User selectable noise cancellation. Customize noise reduction according to personal preference.
  • FAA TSO anE/TSO-C139a certified.
  • Long term durability. Designed and tested fodemanding cockpienvironments.
  • Optimized audio. Active equalization clarifieincoming audio.
  • Updated tap control for talk-through communication. Double tap eitheearbud to optimize audio for communication outside of the intercom.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Full-function Bluetooth for connections to phone, tablet or EFBs.
  • Bluetooth prioritization. Control how Bluetooth audio interacts with the intercom system.
  • New, non-Bluetooth headset variant now available.
  • Multiple plug types. Available with twin plug, 5 pin XLR, 7 pin XLR or 6 pin LEMO plug configurations.
  • AutomatishutoffPowers down automatically when noin use.
  • Quick-release, side swappable mic and cable. Attach on either side  no tools required.
  • Easily adjustable mic. New miwinglets allow foprecise mic and boom adjustments.
  • Exceptional battery life. Two AA batteriepower 45+ hours ouse with Bluetooth off and at least 25 hours with Bluetooth on.
  • Replaceablsilicone StayHear+ tips. Easily removed and replaced without tools.
  • Available custom molded ear tips. Fopurchase through Bose authorized partners.
  • Bypass communications mode. Provideprimary intercom audio with or withoupower.
  • Bose Connect app. Control Bluetooth functions with the continuouslupdated animproved Bose app.
  • Five-year limited warranty with acclaimed service. Worldwide coverage.
  • Improved carry case.  Simplified interior foeasier storage. New strap and carabiner foeasier transport.




Dimensions/Weight (sliders not extended): 8.43" H x 6.34" W x 3.15" D (4.9 oz on head)

Inputs and Outputs:  Available in twin plug, 5-pin XLR, 7-pin XLR or 6-pin LEMO plug configurations.

Additional Details: Two AA alkaline batteries, Bluetooth on: At least 25 hours, Bluetooth off: Approximately 45+ hours, Aircraft power voltage range: 10 - 32 VDC, Average power consumption: 250mW.

  • Cable and control module
  • Carrying case with carabiner
  • Two AA batteries
  • Control module lanyard
  • Quick-start guide
  • Warranty card
  • Owner’s guide
  • Three sizes of silicone eartips
  • Pouch


With an on-head weight of 4.5 ounces (128 grams), the new ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset is designed for long term comfort and is Bose’s most innovative aviation headset to date. Engineered for pilots of moderately noisy pressurized turbine powered aircraft, it incorporates more than 30 U.S. utility and design patents. The ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset features three modes of user selectable active noise cancellation, active equalization to improve intelligibility of incoming transmissions, a noise cancelling microphone for clearer outgoing transmissions, improved tap control for talk-through communication and full-function Bluetooth® connectivity with smartphones, tablets or EFBs. ProFlight Series 2 introduces a non-Bluetooth product variant. The ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset is FAA TSO and E/TSO-C139a certified, meets all applicable ARINC standards and is available with three different plug types.


The ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset is ideal where noise is pervasive, comfort is required and communication is critical.


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