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  • Tipus: FLAPFC11E
  • Súly: 1kg
  • RAKTÁRON(db): 0

 The PowerFLARM Core is both the heart and the brain of the FLARM system. It handles all radio communication and data processing as well as collision risk calculations. The device is mounted behind the panel together with other avionics boxes. It’s connected to a FLARM display which is mounted in the panel. Optionally, PowerFLARM Core can also be connected to compatible EFIS displays.

PowerFLARM Core is operated via the display, which also shows all relevant settings and other information. This makes for easy installations and gives the owner freedom of choice for the display.

PowerFLARM Core comes in two variants, Pure and ADS-B. The ADS-B variant has all the functionality of Pure, but with an additional SSR (Transponder) and ADS-B receiver for 1090ES. In addition to FLARM equipped aircraft, you will also be able to see transponder equipped aircraft. Aircraft without 1090ES ADS-B Out capability will be shown with approximate range and altitude difference (Mode-C/S). Aircraft with ADS-B Out will be shown identical to FLARM aircraft.

Note that both variants are available in an EUROPE and and AMERICAS version. The EUROPE version runs in Europe, Africa and New Zealand. The AMERICAS version runs in North- and South America, Australia and Israel. The hardware has built-in hardware frequency filters to the frequencies applicable in these regions. ADS-R and UAT are not supported.

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